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September 16, 2020

30 Day Breakaway Workout Review

Get all the details from this 30 Day Breakaway Review today! Learn everything about this brand new running workout that will have you running your first record 5k run in just 30 days! Idalis Velazquez will teach you not only how to run, but will also take you on a journey with specific exercises designed to get you running faster, harder, stronger, and improving your endurance like never before! If you have been looking for a reason to run, or have always dreamed about running, 30 Day Breakaway is the workout program you have been waiting for! Go check out all the details, or try the sample workout below!

March 04, 2020

10 Rounds Workout Review

Get all the details from this 10 Rounds Workout Review from Miguel Carrasco now! This is the latest workout from Team Beachbody that will have you feeling like you are ROCKY! Legit! You will not only train like a boxer over a 6 week period, but you will also get in the greatest shape of your LIFE! 10 Rounds was created so that every punch, jab, uppercut you throw has a meaning! And that meaning is CORE ACTIVATION. Joel Freeman has totally outdone himself! So make sure you head over to Smart Ass FItness and read their 10 Rounds Review today!


October 16, 2017

Become a Beachbody Coach in the UK

Beachbody has finally launched in the UK! That's right, you can now sign-up as a Team Beachbody Coach in the UK! But people keep asking us questions about the entire process, how to become a successful Beachbody Coach in the United Kingdom! So as Canada's only 4x Elite Beachbody Coach, we spent some time putting together a detailed blog post that you can read, that we call the Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Beachbody Coach in the UK.

We recommend you read that blog post right now! Now, some of you may be ready to get started right now! If that is you, simply watch the video below, and we will guide you step-by-step on the process of signing up as a Beachbody Coach!



May 22, 2017

Become a Beachbody Coach in the UK

Team Beachbody has just announced the launch of Team Beachbody UK. That's right, if you are into health and fitness, and love many of the at home workout programs that Beachbody is known for, this is your chance to become a part of the launch of the next big country! As a Beachbody Coach you would be responsible for helping others get in the best shape of their lives, and get paid to do so!


If you would like to Become a Beachbody Coach in the UK, make sure you visit Smart Ass Fitness for the latest information as we prepare for this incredible launch event!

April 08, 2014

Become a Beachbody Coach

For those that don't know by now, about a year and a half ago, my life changed when I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. At first, I didn't want to become a coach. I thought it was a total scam to be honest. How could someone get paid and earn an income by helping other people lose weight and get in shape? Made no sense to me.

But as I started to lose weight, and eventually lost 55 pounds with TurboFire, I decided that I owed to to myself to become a Beachbody Coach with the sole purpose of helping other people.

October 2nd, 2012 I decided I would become a Beachbody Coach. Quickly, I started finding success. I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing that was working, but I was smart enought to write it all out.

If you are thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach, or you already are an exisiting Beachbody Coach and you just need a few strategies and tips to help you along the way... make sure you head to Coach Answers, my new web site dedicated to Beachbody Coaches to help them achieve their true potential.

March 19, 2014

Chalene Johnson PiYo Workout

Have you heard the news? Chalene Johnson has a brand new workout coming out! The PiyYo Workout is set to hit the Beachbody world in June, 2014. What is PiYo all about?

PiYo is a mixture of Pilates and Yoga, merged together to create an incredible new workout that will get you in the best shape of your life. By focusing on building strength, flexibility, and working on your breathing, PiYo will get you a strong, lean, long and tight look that you've been waiting for.

Chalene Johnson has created some of the top workouts for Beachbody, with Turbo Jam, TurboFire, ChaLean Extreme, and now, PiYo!

If you want to learn more about PiYo, make sure you head to Smart Ass Fitness for all the details.

February 03, 2014

21 Day Fix Review

Have you heard of 21 Day Fix? It's the revolutionary new workout system that includes a patented protion control system that teaches you how to eat the right foods at the rigt times, and even in the right quantities.

If you are looking for more information regarding 21 Day Fix, or simply looking for a grea 21 Day Fix Review, make sure you check out Smart Ass Fitness.

The crazy thing about this workout is that Autumn Calabrese and company at Beachbody have created a monster. 21 Day Fix is incredible, and is sure to surpass the Focus T25 and P90X3 workout programs.

November 27, 2013

P90X3 Review

P90X3 is coming faster than you think. December 10th, 2013 is the big day of the largest product launch in Beachbody history. What is P90X3 all about? Why should you be excited about P90X3?

X3 Workout Review has written a complete P90X3 Review of the workout, so you can learn all about it. Tony Horton and Beachbody have really stepped up their game to put together this workout. I'm talking 16 DVD's of pumping workouts that will have your head spinning.

Not to mention that fact that P90X3 is only 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 90 days. This is a real workout program that will make people fall in love with Tony Horton. The original P90X3 was 60 to 90 minute workouts, over a 90 day period. While the results were in fact amazing, Beachbody and Tony Horton soon realized that most people were just relaxing for most of the workout, and just making sure they could last till the end of the workout.

When Tony decided to put together P90X3, he knew that he had BRING IT. That is what P90X3 is. It is P90X Accelerated.


October 05, 2013

P90X3 Review

P90X3 is about to be released on December 10th, 2013. P90X3 is a combination of P90X, Les Mills Combat, and Focus T25. I had a chance to try the workout in Calfornia with Tony Horton himself, and I must say, this is going to be an instant hit! Why? Let me tell you some of the biggest points:

  1. P90X3 is only 30 minutes a day, and will give you P90X like results.
  2. P90X3 adds some Mixed Martial Arts aspects to the workouts!
  3. P90X3 is still done by your favorite trainer, Tony Horton!

We had a chance to try P90X3 in Winnipeg a few weekends ago, and eveyrone absolutely loved the workout. If you want to learn more about this hot new Tony Horton Workout, make sure you check out my P90X3 Review, and add yourself to a growing list of people that are going to be notified when this hot new workout program is released.

September 14, 2013

Ten Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time

Microsoft has given us so many fantastic products over the years, I thought it would be fitting to highlight some of their biggest disasters, their Ten Biggest Flops of All Time!  Let's enjoy this time together as we look back at some of Microsoft's finer moments! You can learn more about Focus T25 and read a review here. If you would like to review the Ten Biggest Computer Flops of all time, I have reviewed them as well.

  1. Windows METen Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time
    Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition was touted as the first operating system to support Universal Plug and Play.  Unfortunately, this operating systems was quite possibly less compatible with hardware, than its predecessor, Windows 98.  It was also notoriously difficult to re-install, which was terrible since this operating system needed to be re-installed almost weekly.  Hardcore users claimed that Windows ME was more stable than 98, or 98SE, and the instabilities came from users installing bad drivers that were not approved and certified.  Nevertheless, most users of Windows were beginners, and thus the perception that Windows ME actually stood for "Microsoft Experiment", "Moron Edition", "Mistake Edition", "Miserable Edition", "Mistake Edition", and "Memory Eater".
  2. Windows Bob
    Ten Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time Melinda French, Bill Gates wife, was the project manager on probably the most embarrassing, and most controversial software Microsoft has ever released, BOB! In 1995 Microsoft released a software package and interface that was aimed at replacing the Windows Program Manager with one aimed at novice computer users.  The interface featured a big yellow smiley face with glasses and virtual rooms.  Anything you ever wanted to do was done through a wizard that could never be skipped!  You had to go through the same questions over and over, even if you knew what you wanted!  Complete disaster!  Far too simple, not powerful enough, overpriced, and all and all, ridiculous. An interesting fact is BOB is still not dead to you if you use Windows Live Messenger!  Check out the Nerdy Emoticon, BOB is back!
  3. Clippy
    Ten Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time As of Microsoft BOB wasn't enough, Microsoft had to bring it back for an encore! In 1997 Microsoft decided to try and save some face with the millions of dollars in research lost to create BOB.  They introduced Clippy in Microsoft Office 97, and ever since, Microsoft Office users had begged and pleaded for the removal of the tool!  Clippy is probably the most hated software characters ever created!  It would constantly come up when you didn't want it to come up, and just be so annoying that it made you want to drop kick your computer.  The famous line, "It looks like you're writing a letter". In 2007, nearly 10 years after the users begged for its removal, Microsoft finally killed Clippy, but still kept ways to enable the character if someone really missed Clippy.  It would be interesting to see how many people have done that.. my guess is 0.
  4. SPOT WatchesTen Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time
    Everyone has always wanted a digital watch that could give you everything you ever wanted from news, weather, sports, etc, on your wrist.  The problem was, they did not want something that was big and ugly!  Also, do you really want to recharge your wrist watch every day?  Need another reason to not buy one?  They hardly work anywhere, and if you want to travel somewhere outside your "home" city, they just don't work unless you log onto a web site and tell the watch where you will be.  So if you're on the market for the heaviest, ugliest, largest wrist watch money can buy, this watch was for you!
  5. ZUNETen Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time
    What was Microsoft's answer to the slick, easy to use iPod? A boxy, heavy, thick, and ugly mp3 player.  The display isn't flush with the rest of the unit, and the casing looks and feels like the cheapest plastic you can buy! I had the unfortunate experience of trying one of these out at Fry's a few months ago, and I was brought to my knees in laughter at how complicated and ugly the player was!  Brown plastic is nice?  And will make people want to buy it over the super sexy and sleek iPod?  Seriously?  What was Redmond thinking!
  6. Microsoft Creative Writer
    Creative Writer is a word-processing application that was designed for kids.  It was launched in 1993, and never really sold at all.  Again, Microsoft did not seem to learn from the BOB experience, they launched a new version in 1996, A.B. (After BOB). They made things to simple to the point you are insulting even kids, is not the right way to go!  Microsoft even decided the program was so awesome, that they would release a part 2 sequel! In 1996, they released Creative Writer 2!  And once again, sales were terrible!  If you really want a copy, you can buy one on eBay now!
  7. Microsoft ActimatesTen Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time
    You'd think Microsoft had failed at everything at this point, but no, they also wanted to win the award for "Creepiest Toy Award".  The Actimates line consisted of 7 interactive toys that interacted with your television and your computer.  Although the concept of a talking interactive doll seems great on the surface, kids were flat out getting petrified and parents totally creped out with these dolls!  Why?  They had an "awesome" feature that had them turn on and come to "life" when their TV shows came on!  They were discontinued in 2000.  So if you really want to buy one of these possessed dolls, you will have to check ebay!
  8. MSN Network - The OriginalTen Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time
    This one was awesome!  I still remember when we bought our first computer and it came with an icon for MSN Network.  It was a proprietary network that Microsoft was trying to create that competed directly with AOL, CompuServe, etc.  Unfortunately for Microsoft, they were late in the game as usual, and also came up with a formidable opponent, the Internet!  The best part that makes this awesome is that they wouldn't give it up in the beginning!  I remember thinking... why are they even bothering?  The Internet is 1000000 times better and bigger!  Why would anyone pay for their premium content!  Microsoft did re-invent it later, but it took over 12 years to fix that one!
  9. Windows VistaTen Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time
    I'm using Windows Vista as we speak, and I must admit I do like using it, however, it's not really that great of an improvement over Windows XP to warrant any kind of fanfare!  Plus it was years late and shipped nearly 5 years after Windows XP.  On top of being late, nearly every cool and new feature that was supposed to be included in Windows Vista was pulled out!  Also combined with the heavy requirement for computing power, this operating system is a beast that offers very little practical improvements over Windows XP.  No doubt this OS will sell eventually due to Microsoft's monopoly on the desktop.
  10. DOS 4.0: MS-DOS
    Ten Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time This article would not be complete if we failed to mention the operating system that started it all, MS-DOS!  Version 4.0 was pretty much the worst operating system ever.  It had a huge bug that caused data to be lost all the time!  This was due to the Ram Disk being severely flawed in its design and development.  Other "features" included severe disk corruption issues, and all in all, no stability whatsoever.  It was so bad that when you went to buy a computer, you would ask for DOS 3.3 whenever possible.  Sometimes DOS 3.3 was sold out, or you had to pay a premium to get the lower version!  There were even rumors that Microsoft stole IBM-PC-DOS code to create MS-DOS 4.0.

There you have it!  The Ten Biggest Microsoft Flops of All Time!  I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!  By the way, I used to be a Microsoft Consultant, and love Microsoft products, unfortunately/fortunately, everyone makes mistakes.  The good news is they tend to learn from their mistakes.  Some companies do not.  Are these my opinions?  Of course, it's my blog....  If it was fact, it would be on TV ;)


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