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October 26, 2006


Tom Churm

Hey, I'm soooooo proud that you've chosen to include RSS2PDF among all the GREAT sites and services listed here.

I thank you very, very much for this extreme compliment - you've made my day and stuff like this makes all the hard work pay off!

Tom Churm
Creator, RSS2PDF


Hey, I am so glad that Vyew has made it on your list of "Best of Web 2.0." Thanks so much, it is really a generous compliment to us here at Vyew. I hope you will spread the word and continue using Vyew. Thanks again!


How about adding Tripmates to best web 2.0 travel sites- I'm a big fan of their travel social network!


Have you forget about ?


Travel: Add
It is the largest travel search engine with cool search aps like Activity search, OneBox search, etc.


Thank you for including my site but it is wrongly listed in Todo lists, it should probably be part of the Social Communities section.


I recently found a very interesting website:
There you can purchase ad space for your Blog etc.


Great list! Another good image sharing and storage site is Fotki -


Also, forgot to mention Pandora Internet Radio - It's a great service.


HELL! where is

Chris Jackson

You should add a category for Poll sites and then list PollPub Free Polls let you use youtube, photo, or text content in your free polls. And the polls are ajax. Nice list!


for the World Improvement category you should add !


Clap, clap, clap ;)

Alex Bernstein

Wow, this is quite a "best of" list, really cuts through all the web 2.0 clutter out there.

Only one comment, sadly I didn't see a porn or adult content category.

Surely the adult entertainment industry has a role in the usergenerated, collaboratively filtered, hyper interactive world of web 2.0? No?


Great list! I've noticed that some of the Web 2.0 sites are starting to use Flash (see I wonder if that will be a trend? I personally don't care for flash but these sites do show off some functions that would be a bear to do without it (or something similar like Java).


For notes, Notecentric is a pretty slick looking site.

I'm glad to see consumating get some respect. I haven't gone there in months though...

bik3rac3r is a good place for ajax related news.


Great work with the list...found a few interesting site already, and I'm just at the beggining.

Just one more thing....The Measuremap link redirects to GMail!


Very cool list! is a very nice image storing site and you should take a look at also.


"Really Web 2.0 is the second coming of World Wide Web. New and improved sites that make the web their platform, provide users a way of interacting with each other, and organize and categorize their content are perfect examples of Web 2.0."



a clear winner in the music area

Byron Fast

Boomtree is a web-based RSS reader with excellent podcast listening support and uses comics for help and intros.


What about ?

Awesome site to post quick information and distribute...


One of the better web2 sites in a category you didn't mention (Education) is

Miguel Carrasco

Thanks for all the feedback! I am busy trying out your suggestions and will post the ones that I find easy to use and fit the web 2.0! Thanks!

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