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September 14, 2013


Sai Wolf

QUOTE: "p.s. I don't want to smash your M$ loving face into anything, but I will laugh my butt off at you when you get yet another virus and malware program and have to close 250 IE pop-ups! Did you know linux users don't get ANY of that crap????"

Go crawl back under your hole, fanboi.

Despite all the zealotry, Linux is an operating system, which means. It. Is. VULNERABLE. Even with IPTables, even with the snazzy kernel, even with the file system, you still can compromise it.

So I'll be laughing at you, when you get your first devastating virus. ;) Just imagine what it can do to those precious GCC compiled binaries! .ELF file mayhem! Kernel Panic anyone?

Anyway, back to the article. The only flops on there are BOB and WinME. Both were a joke, but no one is perfect. The person who said IBM did DOS 4.0 is right. And I've personally never used a Zune, so I cannot comment on that.

Oh, yes, I've used Linux. Love the OS. I dual boot with it at home. Vista Ultimate and Sabayon Linux (Gentoo derivative.) Both OS's have their pros and cons, but that's not what this blog post is about. So Linux fanbois, keep your trappers shut, unless you've something meaningful to say about these products past: "OMG M$ SUX0RZ". I'm sure the blogger and the rest of the intar-web will thank you. ;)


Hey let's all calm down a minute... let's not smash any body's face into their keyboards etc...

Personally, I just switched to Ubuntu, and although I have to learn new things, it is going pretty well so far. I changed because I got slightly fed up with windows, and I must agree with a previous poster, that the only thing microsoft sells that I am a fan of is MS Streets and trips. Not only that, but for me the one with gps in it is the best gps I've yet to try! (and I have tried quite a few) Of course that's only if you like lugging around your laptop with you, which I dont mind.

Otherwise I find MS to be a big waste of time and money!!!


The crux of this article should have been “Bill Gates had guts to making big mistakes which we do not”. OS war is on going and will stay the same, the point to understand here is “let’s make mistakes” ;)


vista should be at #1 it sux big time!


The microsoft fanbois are out in force today.

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