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September 14, 2013



these reviews are so incredibly biased. After going through 2 ipods and not seeing any improvement in their design, just shiny colors and more memory, I got a zune and its by far the best mp3 player I've used. Its 50 times stronger than any ipod, and I would know. After my zune dropped out of my pocket while I was biking at 20+ mph it worked perfectly and was left with a dented corner. my piece of **** ipod color cracked down the front of the casing after it fell of the counter onto the wood floor. The other Tom was right, windows is the best operating system for a average computer users.

Miguel Carrasco

I love Microsoft but you can't deny that these products were flops. Some were great ideas (I love the Zune's WiFi capabilities), but were not marketed correctly. Some were marketed correctly, but developed poorly. In the end, there is something to be learned here, don't you think?

I'm not bashing Microsoft at all. After all, they created the software industry as we know it.


DOS 4.x was NOT Microsoft, but IBM. IBM was who messed DOS up. The entire world rejoiced when Microsoft too DOS back for 5.0

Oh, please...

Quote : " Are you mad. BOB was the only true failure there. A failure has nothing to do with your opinion about something... "

So... You liked WinME ? Get back under the rock you crawled from, NOW!

Quote : " these reviews are so incredibly biased. "

And the comments aren't..? Only the first poster had the brains to actually post anything which wasn't just a Microsoft Fanboy attack at this list... All the products listed are awful.

Anyone who thinks that windows ME was a good operating system should be taken out and shot. Or alternatively I'll give them my contact details, spend a few days coding up some crappy software in C and sell it to them for a few hundred dollars... Chances are they would but it and then scream blue murder if anyone tried to badmouth it. HEY! That's a good idea actually...

Look at you all. You could be my new target audience. I try to write the best software I can but why bother ? I should just spend an hour here and there creating crap and you would buy it anyway... You'd also tell your, equally stupid, friends to buy it and defend it to your dying breath.

The people commenting on this list keep Microsoft in business. You all blindly run to defend their products without actually thinking about what you are defending, you mindlessly purchase their new operating systems without thinking about what the new operating system offers over the old one and worst of all... The thing which really makes me want to smash your faces in to your keyboards... You think you're RIGHT!


In my opinion it would be much less verbose to have a blog titled "What Microsoft ever did right". The only M$ product worth the money was Streets and Trips because you could get it for $19.

Anyone who knows anything about operating systems knows Microsoft doesn't produce the best product - but they are by far the best at mass marketing and trapping their zombie'd customers into believing "oh, that'll be fixed in the next release". Would you buy any other product knowing the "blue screen of death" was just around the corner? I doubt it.

The current push by the EU and some states here at home to move to open source operating systems and software has the potential to do more to improve MS products than 100,000 whiny emails from unsatisfied consumers.

Just so you blind/deaf MSmorons can flame me : I have been programming since 1978 with punch cards on an IBM/360. Owned or operated: Timex Sinclair, Apple II+,IIe, and IIc, an old Radio Shack PC (the model escapes me for the moment), and countless "pc" products both AMD and INTEL based. I have used DOS 3.0 and up, Windows 3.1 up to XP pro, OS2 3.0 and Warp4, Unix, SunOS, and about 10 different distros of linux.

You can't really have a valid opinion about Windows until you've tried other OS's. OS2/Warp4 was WAY better than Windows at the time - it ran on all my hardware, booted faster, NEVER crashed. In fact chances are the ATM you used last week is still running on OS2.

If you want to try something different and current and FREE, download a copy of PCLinuxOS, burn the CD and boot it. That's right - it runs from the CD. Something MicroBloat will never be able to do. Test your hardware running from the CD or even install it in a extended partition and boot it there. Of course, you might have to learn how to do something new.

Oh, and when you do install it - get a copy of parallels emulator and run Windows in a window and at the same speed if not faster than running it alone! Then when it crashes you don't have to hit the reset button, just re-launch it.

p.s. I don't want to smash your M$ loving face into anything, but I will laugh my butt off at you when you get yet another virus and malware program and have to close 250 IE pop-ups! Did you know linux users don't get ANY of that crap????

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