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September 14, 2013



You were missing something: Windows Genuine Crappy Disadvantage.


Are you mad. BOB was the only true failure there. A failure has nothing to do with your opinion about something...


yeah right, microsoft is sooooooo bad it dominates the home computer market. If it so bad why is that? why aren't people buying apple/linux/unix systems? Why is it that apple, the ultra cool system, only has less than 1% of market penetration? Is it a conspiracy? Is it because apple are crap?

Windows has its flaws to be sure, but it is still the best OP system available for home users.

Personally I can't believe you are using Vista as it is as you said shite and a resource hog. I'm sticking with XP and crossing over to unix when I get my 10TB server up and running.


LOL "I am using vista as we speak"...we aren't speaking..YOU are....LOL
go be gay and use a MAC then


I liked where he said "Again, Microsoft did not seem to learn from the BOB experience of making things to simple" when referring to a 1993 program when, according to this article, BOB wasn't introduced until 1995.

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