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March 16, 2008



After hours of research, I finally found a solution to the problem (I have an onboard realtek soundcard on Windows Vista 64bit). Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback (NOT RECORDING) and select 'Properties' for your SPEAKERS. Then, select 'Levels' and unmute your microphone. This worked perfectly for me. Found the solution here:

Let me know if this solved anyone else's problem.

Maxime Thibault

Intel motherboard new driver on the web site.

IDT audio It work soooo good.

Cheap Computers

Its good that Windows vista multimedia and microphones issues are resolved....


KCVI: when I follow these steps described in the pictures, I do not see any microphone level controls like those in the picture. The only controls I see are "Realtek HD audio output" and "PC beep".

I heard that Vista disables it by default somehow, and theres a way (which i do not know with Realtek) to solve this. Anybody?


I have a hp pavillion dv9618ca using vista 32. I have the same problem, mic not playing through the speaker. I tried the regedit to no avail. I did not see any phrase to enable the mic on playback or any similar phase construing the same meaning.

So far, I spent 40 hours tring to enable the mic to appear on the playback speaker level to no avail.

I need your kind assistance.


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