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March 16, 2008




I recently bought a Toshiba A200 21T with Vista Home Premium. I used to play guitar through my older laptop, a ASUS A6VM w/XP, without any problem.

I tried to do the same with my new laptop, but to my surprise I can record the sound but can't listen to it. It's driving me mad!

Apparently I am one of the unlucky to have a Realtek soundboard :(

I'm still waiting for an answer from Toshiba.

Has anyone found a solution for Realtek boards?


Miguel Muriel

Dear Miguel,

hello from Barcelona City, Spain.
I have some problems with my sigma tel sound card.
My pC is a Dell 9200
audio drivers (I think updated version controler

my prblem is that I need to control volumen Line-in (I conected xbox 360 to pc)...the sound must be connected to line-in.
In AUDIO--->speakers--->Levels I CANNOT SEE LINE IN bar to control volume (I am sure it is mute).

anyway, I changed windows vista ultimate register :

EnableIntSpkrMute 00
EnableInputMonitor 01

If you can help me!

Thanks in avence!



Hi.. well last time i could record sounds but not listen to them. I finally found the volume control an the "Mic in" was fine and the "Mic out" was mute, so I changed that and solved the problem. The issue now is that i can't find those controls anymore.


@ Pame: How did you get to see the volume control. My situation is identical. I can record, but I can't listen in real time. Can you give some pointers here. I tried everything on the other post regarding the vista microphone issue.



what if you have realtek integrated sound

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