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August 04, 2007



Acceptance of P2P as a standard part of the OS, media plaeyr, or browser has been a long time coming. Opera already has bit-torrent, but when do we think Microsoft will put P2P downloads into WMP. It can't be long coming. I would have thought MS, Real Networks, and even WinAMP (AOL?) will likely need to put P2P into their plaeyrs pretty soon. And what about leggit downloads from Napster, which does not appear to use p2p anymore.On the downside, until we start getting better upstream bandwidth from ISPs in the UK I can't see how I could keep running P2P on any of my machines all the time. What is more, P2P is NOT a green technology it requires me to keep my PC on all the time. Good for other people's download speeds, not so good for the planet.


SIP P2P company caelld Damaka ( anyone heard of this 5 year of SIP P2P company caelld Damaka. I have heard that they are similar to Skype and they offer P2P Encrypted Application Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Whiteboarding, Video Mail, Voice Mail, Voice Call, Voice and Video Conference and PC to Phone, Dial-In, and Dial Out services and all this is done end to end encrytped.I heard they are getting into Pocket PC too.Has anyone heard of these guys and if so, what is your opinion on the company??


Hi Om, I have been following your conetmms on P2P for quite some time now and am glad to see the number of serious companies leveraging the benefits of this architecture to solve real problems.I would like to add Meeting Coordination/Calendar Sharing to your above list. Check out Tungle ( We found that using a P2P architecture reduces our overall infrastructure cost, but more importantly assures privacy of information for our users.


I would have to say that the sport of Pool would have to be the most boring thing in this world. If I weatnd to see some guys hit around some balls with sticks, I would just look outside my house in Kentucky, little bit more interesting that way!

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