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July 31, 2007



I caught a fabulous cookery programme on Channel Four called Cook Yourself Thin. How did I ever miss this? I’ ve been a workaholic for way too long! The presenters are young, fun and funky. Much better than stuffy Nigella and Nick.

Juanita Comeau

I'm new at alkalizing my body. How do I get enough protein with my meals?
Juanita Comeau

Healthy Juices

Healthy Juices I discovered them on a trip to Costa Rica, a beautiful tropical country where they have juices drinks all day long, all year long. My favorite one I tried there was the Mango juice. For those of you who haven’t heard from it, mango is a deliciously sweet orange yellowy tropical fruit.

High Protein Diet

Super-Duper diet! You made a good point.

It is awesome diet and people will like it and use it.

That's my opinion

Keep up the good work, I will visit again!

Angelo "The Protein"

Generic Viagra

Developed from a chance seedling found in 1948 by James S. Reed in California. Large round green fruit with a smooth dark, thick glossy skin. Smooth and delicate, slightly nutty flavour. The skin ripens green. A Guatemalan type, to 30°F. Tree size - 5m x 4m.

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