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December 31, 2006



You can't install Windows from one coetmpur to another it's not a legal matter, it just can't be done. If you copy the hard drive you have a problem the hardware's different, so Windows won't run. (And, in 30 days, since you don't have an unused Windows 7 activation code, Windows stops working.)Contact Gateway to get a Vista installation disk and reinstall Vista on the Gateway.


wow this is great but i dont get that her in the game?? the one in the middle, does extlcay what she does..didi they envent the game you can be in? that recodnizezed you and put you in?? im not into this games, so i dont know, im seraching now roe zumba fitness gmae like this..but this one seems like the one in the middle in the game is her, and the game recodnized her moves is that posible???? can someone respond to me? im curios to know. thanks

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