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October 12, 2006



It still is slow


where are these settings?

internet tv

Great tips. I have a top of the range PC and video playback was still s-l-o-w.


use dvd decrypter

As reported before, iTunes has a problem with Vista. The new iTunes version 7. 1. 1., released last week, which packs a lot of new features, fixes some of these problems, but not all. As I report in my other blog (iTimes), iTunes has been updated to accommodate Apple TV and provide full- screen cover browsing; incidentally, it doesn’ t slam MusicMatch Jukebox against the wall anymore (see“ iTunes Meets its MusicMatch“). iTunes version 7. 1. 1“ addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems” ...

dvd clone

Gosh provides an alternate way to run command- line Groovy scripts, as well as a simplified way to write Windows Services ( WinNT Services ) using Groovy. Gosh treats scripts the same, whether they are run from the command- line or as a service (including bindings). You can debug a service by running it from the command- line, and you can also run standard command- line Groovy scripts. There is very little difference between a Groovy script that is intended to be run as a Windows Service and any other Groovy script.

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