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October 15, 2006


The CyberSlug

"I'm sorry, without the video, the OS is useless, so it's integral."

BZZT! Wrong!

On a desktop system, maybe, but lots of server farms have no connection other than power and ethernet. I've personally run systems with no video card at all once they were installed. Even if the video crashes, as long as the rest of the system is working, I can SSH in and restart the video subsystem without having to shutdown running tasks.

Wish I could do the same when Windows incorrectly decides that it is already fully woken up from screen/power-saver mode and thus refuses to turn the video back on for anything less than a cold-boot. Not that this happens frequently, but still more often than Linux crashes.


LOL classic, I thought microsoft nerds were voerly protective and ready to flame any ref to their wonderful OS crashing, but i see they are not alone :P

Dont care if they are crashes or not, they are not doing what thewy were there to do right? zactly!


Well whether they are "crashes" or not in the strict sense of the word, it fills me as a punter with a certain amount of dread that I'm exposed to a publicly displayed booting/rebooting system on an aircraft/train station/fast food joint, no matter what the OS is.


Bogus images 1.

Buy your Linux preinstalled.

Greg S Monaco

It crashed people.

Deal with it.

Help save Amtrak! GO SOONERS!


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