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October 13, 2006



Numbers 1 and 2 are not very precise... number 1 is a commuter train in Buenos Aires, Argentina (i use it every day!); and number 2 is clearly some place different from US... the cars are european brands (Ford, Renault, etc) plus license plates seem european too!

Mark Starr

I once saw a Blue Screen of death in Walmart on the Self-service checkout registers... you know, where you scan your own food.


here is the scoop
when i see these types of post s it tells me one thing
the person who posted the topic and the people who had the blue screen have no clue on how to install device drivers correctly
lets say this much, it does not say much about your intelect


Funny stuff, nice collecton :)


I'm pretty sure #7 is when they are demo-ing the USB functionality of Windows 98, not 95... If I remember correctly the words out of the guy on the left's mouth were "You'll notice that this scanner will... woooaaahhhh"... *crowd bursts out laughing*

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