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October 21, 2006


Grammer King

You can begin a sentence with "And".

Just one example, there are plenty others if you want to search for them. Try searching with:

beginning a sentence with a conjunction


Eleventh: the atari falcon
twelth : MSx


What about the cbm?

Steve Channell

Always a big challenge hitting on such a wide subject and inevitably tells us more about the author than the subject.. what the list misses more than anything else is some stonking irony..

1. Multics: Was billed as the ultimate operating system coded in a high level language ported several vendors kit... total failure... but gave rise to a “cut-down” “single-user” operating system “Unix” (“Un” was uni instead of multi, “ix” to avoid “ics” copyright)

2. OS/360: was the biggest most expensive project in history but was too resource intensive to run on the kit it was design for... gave rise to IBM’s first cut-down operating system DOS (now DOS/VSE or just VSE)... despite failure, perseverance and faster kit turned it into the greatest mainframe OS

3. iAPX-432: ?? Intel’s architecture to replace the x86 processor. 32-bit processor optimized for ADA code (NB this was 1981!) nearly had down the whole company when Intels 8080/8085 was eclipsed by the Zigol z80.. The 8086 was a 16-bit stopgap to recover market-share.. Itanium anybody...

4. OSI network stack: Open Systems Interconnect was once the product that would enable all systems to be connected… they used to say.. use TCP/IP until OSI stack is mature… the Internet killed by the simple act of just working without all the fuss

5. Hypertext!!! no, No , NO Hypertext was a twenty year-old over-ambitious un-implementable dream.. when Tim just created a kernel that changed the world.

6. Windows NT4... they wrecked a great OS to be a little bit more snappy with screen refresh (kernel graphics... daft idea)

7. Itanium: SGI server anybody?


What about QuickTime 3D?

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