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October 21, 2006


Ethan Moie

in response to Dave, yes you can run in on XP, though it ain't worth it! lol. You need to run it in 95 compatibility mode to get full functionality though.


What about the Commodore 128? Two computers in one: a C-64 compatible machine and a CP/M OS that ran software that was a decade old, even then....


I'm not sure precisely of your point in your overly-critical assessment of the NeXTcube. Yes, it was a new operating system at the time, and yes, the hardware was fairly unique; however, the machine and operating system were targetted towards scientific, research, and academic demographics. In all these fields, the NEXTSTEP operating system succeeded, bore the OpenStep framework then begat the components that soon became Mac OS X.

The Objective C framework and development tools available made it fairly easy for developers to make realizations of their ideas in a very quick manner, spawning the Rapid Application Development paradigm a few years later. Naturally, users of these produced a wide range of software during the operating system's thriving days, from productivity suites, web browsers, media players, and other assorted gadgets, to 3D simulations and modelling tools. Even Wolfram's Mathematica was available.

Finally, most software compatible with 4.3BSD at the time would run flawlessly under NEXTSTEP. There was even an excellent X Window client and server called Cub'X, which opened the machine up to a more broad spectrum of software, needing only a few tweaks and a recompile to operate.

I guess if I were to have a point in my rambling, I would say, don't dismiss the NeXT technology as a mere historic relic with sweeping generalizations and statements with no real facts; substantiate your claims.

will moore

Great list!

There's nothing wrong with your spelling. Very easy to read and informative.



@Darious Jackson:

"And a spell check wouldn't be a bad idea either."

You cannot begin a sentence with and. I suggest you take a queue from your own advice.

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