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May 28, 2006



"So many people I see check so many bags and I really have a hard time understanding why."

I think the same thing about all the people that bring their bags onto the plane then

1) some small chick (or some wimpy guy) can't even push her's high enough to put into the compartment.

2) the bag falls on some kid... funny if the kid is a dumb pre-teen boy. If the kid is little and cute, then I get pissed.

3) watching people try to pull their stuff out of the overhead can be quite comical.

4) watching people try to find a place to put it is pretty funny too.

I just check my luggage and be done with it. If it gets lost oh well I'll buy more stuff.


All great tips!


Don't forget your backpack! ;)


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Thanks for the tips! I definitely agree with the Ipod thing. It just makes the mundane stuff you have to do that much less boring.

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